Amouranth announces new content for OnlyFans, but it’s not what you think

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Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa (29) is one of the most successful streamers on Twitch. She is best known for revealing content, with which she smuggles viewers onto the OnlyFans payment platform. Now she’s announcing a new project with OnlyFans and it’s supposed to be fun for the whole family.

What content does Amouranth typically offer? The 29-year-old has a system: she shows revealing content on Twitch, Twitter and Instagram that is just about allowed. If you want to see more, you have to switch to payment platforms like OnlyFans. Twitch is essentially an advertising space that you also pay to advertise on it.

However, in October 2022, Amouranth said she broke free from her possessive husband. He controlled her content, now she wants to do her own thing.

As a result, Amouranth started to diversify her content, so at least a bit: In addition to the well-known HotTub and ASMR streams, viewers could now also see her play more games or accompany her IRL (“in real life”) when she visited her horses. Critics said the changes didn’t go far enough:

Months after their split, Amouranth still shows up in a bikini on Twitch – “It would be irresponsible to stop”

Amouranth then announced several larger, but still secret projects for 2023. One of those projects is a collaboration with OnlyFans, which she just announced.

German content creators are also not only to be found on Twitch and are also working on other exciting projects. For example as dubbing voices for films and video games:

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Amouranth wants to offer fun for the whole family

What is Amouranth planning? In an exclusive interview with US site EssentiallySports, the streamer opened up about her plans (via JeuxVideo). The 29-year-old says she is currently very busy and has a completely full schedule for the next few months.

A large part of their time seems to be dedicated to recording new content for OnlyFansTV – an offshoot of OnlyFans.

While OnlyFans basically works like an Instagram or Twitter style social media platform, OFTV is a video platform comparable to YouTube. The special feature: The content is not exclusively aimed at adults.

I’ve been working on other projects with OnlyFans for a while now. They want me to make videos for their OnlyFansTV production. It’s like YouTube… a safe version.

What will Amouranth show on OFTV? The streamer has not yet announced this, but it is said to be “family-friendly” content. The 29-year-old also referred to events like “Streamer Royale” that she had already organized. It was a kind of game show where content creators competed against each other in various challenges.

In addition, there are categories on OFTV ranging from cooking and fitness to vlogs, podcasts and own productions. So it remains exciting to see what we can expect from Amouranth in the future.

New platforms like the video platform OnlyFansTV or the new Twitch competitor Kick are tempting for content creators like Amouranth, who are considered risky, “not brand-safe”. Because the existing frontrunners YouTube and Twitch often do not want to offer them lucrative exclusive contracts, even though they are successful:

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