“Among the worst that has hit music-Sweden”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

In this week’s episode of Fördompodden, the artist is a guest Molly Hammerwhich was recently featured in So much better on TV4.

As you know, the podcast is based on the presenter Emil Persson puts the guest against the wall with their prejudices about the person.

Molly Hammar judges the music genre

After a little over a quarter of an hour into this week’s episode, the popular singer gets a prejudice that she quickly puts down and condemns.

“Epa-dunk is of course crap, but if the opportunity arises, you can probably still imagine recording a song with Fröken Snusk or Hooja and all that,” says Emil Persson in the episode and continues:

“Slightly the same thinking that you think Veronica Maggio adopted when she made a song with Hov1. A possible Epa drum collaboration would be full of commercial potential in this situation, and you want all the commercial potential”.

– No, never in my entire life.

Then there is a short moment of silence before she continues and explains why.

– Sorry, but now I will just say this. The EPA canister is among the worst that has hit music Sweden. For real. There is zero craftsmanship around it and I just feel bad, says Molly Hammar in the interview.