Aminata Diallo released, under judicial control

Aminata Diallo released under judicial control

Versailles (AFP) – After five days of pre-trial detention, she comes out of prison: the footballer Aminata Diallo, indicted for ” aggravated violence ” and ” conspiracy in the investigation into the attack on her ex-teammate at Paris SG Kheira Hamraoui, was released on Wednesday and placed under judicial supervision.

The international (7 selections for the France team), without a club since the contract which linked her to PSG expired in June 2022, had to pay a deposit of 30,000 euros and must live with her father in Grenoble, her city ​​of birth, with a weekly score and a ban on contact with players and the PSG club, the prosecution told AFP.

Considered to be the sponsor of this attack committed in November 2021 in Chatou (Yvelines), the player participated on Wednesday in the debate before the judge of freedoms and detention (JLD), in Versailles. She arrived at the hearing handcuffed and dressed in black jogging, a puffer jacket and black sneakers, her face closed and her eyes haggard.

The debates took place behind closed doors at the request of the prosecution and the defense because “ the colossal leaks of the investigation serve Mrs. Diallo “, Estimated one of his lawyers, Me Romain Ruiz, during the hearing. Asked by AFP after the deliberations, neither Romain Ruiz nor the player’s two other lawyers, Mourad Battikh and Chloé Redon, wished to react.

In this case, four men born between 1999 and 2003 were also indicted on the same counts of ” conspiracy ” and ” aggravated violence “. Two were imprisoned and two placed under judicial control.

While in police custody, questioned by investigators from the Crime Prevention Brigade (BRB) of the judicial police, they implicated Aminata Diallo, presenting the former PSG player as “the sponsor of the violence, for allow him to occupy the position of the victim in future competitions, ”according to the prosecution.

But the exact sequence of events is not yet clearly established by the investigators.

Among the four men prosecuted, one admitted having kicked, the other three said they had been present at the scene of the attack.

A “hatred”

On November 4, 2021, Kheira Hamraoui was attacked in Chatou (Yvelines) with iron bars and beaten in the legs by two men, in front of Aminata Diallo, while the two players were returning together by car from a team dinner. Diallo was first placed in police custody before being released without prosecution.

The player, at the heart of this affair, nurtured a ” hate against Hamraoui against the backdrop of a sporting rivalry, according to the investigation report cited by Le Parisien and confirmed to AFP by another source familiar with the matter.

Wiretapped by investigators, she would also be in close contact with César M., player agent, with whom she would have exerted pressure during the investigation, according to this report.

Kheira Hamraoui’s relationship with several of her teammates, in particular Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, had deteriorated sharply after the attack, the latter accusing her of the first police custody of Aminata Diallo.

The instruction was extended to the chief ” organized fraud “, but in this part, no indictment has yet taken place.

The attack had earned Kheira Hamraoui several stitches in his legs and hands and greatly disrupted his 2021-2022 season during which the midfielder, under contract with PSG until 2023, was removed from the group. . She was reinstated in the PSG team on Tuesday.

Today, I trust justice so that the truth will come out and my honor will be washed. I can’t wait for my name to be associated only with the sports pages again and leave the legal columns “, she wrote in a press release, published on Saturday on social networks.

The message is accompanied by photos showing the injuries to her hands and legs resulting from her assault, an attack in which, she says, she ” thought to die » and who the « haunts nights and days “.