Amendment on flight prices postpones the control of fares to the Antitrust

Amendment on flight prices postpones the control of fares to

(Finance) – The chapter relating to government measure aimed at containing the cost of flightscontained in DL Assets and assumed in particular with theobjective of mitigating air fares on connections with Sicily and Sardiniatoday had an appendix which substantially eliminated the reference to the maximum price (200% of the average cost), which was the cause of the heavy reaction from Ryanair which had thundered by appealing to its illegitimacy.

The change occurred through a amendment introduced by the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Ursoto the text of the decree being examined by the Senate Industry Committee, which effectively entrusts the Antitrust with the task of verifying the adequacy of the tariffs applied by airlines and the guarantee of price transparency. The corrective was introduced to prevent contrary observations from the EU Commission and avoid a judgment of non-compliance with the logic of the free market.

The Government’s initial provision had introduced the “ban on the dynamic setting of fares modulated in relation to the booking time”, referring to national flights with Sardinia and Sicily, the peak in demand linked to seasonality and the presence of a ticket sales price +200% higher than the average rate. Conditions which, with the amendment, together constitute elements of evaluation of the carrier’s behavior by the Antitrust.

He comes maintained attention on theuser profiling activities which makes flight reservations via the web through various electronic devices, as it remains unchanged is the paragraph in which airport managers are obliged to make the incentive disbursement criteria transparent to airlines. The first negative reactions to the amendment came from the Sardinian transport unions, Filt Cgil and Uil.

(Photo: by Ken Yam on Unsplash)