Amazon’s forgotten fantasy series is getting its second season – Lord of the Rings fans must catch up on it

Amazons forgotten fantasy series is getting its second season

There is still a long way to go before The Rings of Power Season 2. Luckily, Amazon announced last week that another forgotten fantasy series will be returning to Prime soon: Carnival Row goes into the 2nd and last season. And if you haven’t watched the series on Prime yet, you should urgently catch up on Season 1. You will find one in there ideal Lord of the Rings replacementregardless of whether you celebrated the recent Middle-earth excursion or not.

Why Carnival Row is the ideal fantasy series replacement after Amazon’s Lord of the Rings

What’s Carnival Row about in a nutshell? Many supernatural creatures (including fauns, fairies, werewolves and more) have escaped from their war-torn hometown of Tirnanoc. the escaped mythical creatures are treated like outsiders and underclass creatures in the human city of The Burgue. In the midst of this conflict, Police Inspector Rycroft Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) investigates a supernatural murder series and meets his ex-lover: the fairy Vignette (Cara Delevingne).

Carnival Row – Teaser Trailer (German subtitles) HD

When it launched in fall 2019, Amazon’s Carnival Row went under a bit (perhaps because it was first released in English and much later in German). The subsequent long break of more than three years did the rest to let the successful fantasy series fall into oblivion. But now, just in time for The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, she’s back with her 2nd season to take part in a fantastic story and compelling characters to connect What no fantasy fan should miss.

In particular, Lord of the Rings fans who are looking for a successful fantasy series after The Rings of Power will get their money’s worth here. And not just because of Orlando ‘Legolas’ Bloom as the main actor. Carnival Row offers one in particular enchantingly detailed fantasy world

with its own continent map and its own creature vocabulary. Particularly nice: This even works without a book template in which we could read about the amazing twists beforehand.


Explore the world of Carnival Row ahead of Season 2

Instead of wanting to copy the Middle-earth approach to a profound world (like Amazon’s The Wheel of Time recently), Carnival Row creates its own, at times quite dark realm, where magic and progress clash. No one would think of comparing the stealthy Jack the Ripper-like killer to Sauron, or the industrial fantasy city to the Shire. Still, the series manages the Lord of the Rings feat of a fantasy tale with substance, where we take part when a nouveau riche, horned faun (David Gyasi) fights against the prejudices of the upper class and inter-species friendships and love stories open the gates for open more acceptance.

Fantasy Replenishment: When is Carnival Row Season 2 coming to Amazon Prime?

Season 2 of Carnival Row will air on February 17, 2023 in Amazon Prime and then weekly on Fridays one of the 10 new episodes publish. So you now have a total of almost three months to watch the 8 episodes of Season 1 for more quality fantasy in your life: either for the first time or as a refresher after it came to Prime over 3 years ago.

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Have you already seen Carnival Row and would you also recommend the fantasy series?