Amazon’s Fallout Series Will Be Broadcast on Twitch

All We Know About the Fallout Series

Prime Video will premiere the Fallout series on April 11 in a special livestream event in collaboration with Twitch streamers.

Prime Video, expected Fallout series, chose the Twitch platform for its premiere. The announcement, featuring Vault Boy’s iconic thumbs-up image, revealed my collaboration with select Twitch streamers to engage the Fallout series’ large fan base in the first episode via the Twitch platform.

Twitch Broadcasters Are Preparing for the Fallout Series

On Thursday, April 11, designated Twitch streamers will livestream the first episode of the Fallout series. This special event means the entire eight-episode series will be released on Prime Video on the same day. Among the publishers who will dive deep into the Fallout world are well-known names such as Shroud, CohhCarnage, DansGaming.

Broadcasters You Can Watch Fallout on Twitch

The fact that viewers will experience the adventure of exploring Fallout’s Wastelands with their favorite streamers, and that Twitch has been chosen for this special event, highlights the platform’s potential to reach large audiences and its interactive broadcast experience.

However, Twitch’s recent removal of the Watch Party feature and its statement that livestream watch parties will only be offered as part of special events also raises questions about how such collaborations will gain a place on the platform. The premiere of the Fallout series will also be a test for the future of the live broadcast experience on Twitch.