Amazon makes ‘palm’ identity/payment system useful

1712129620 Amazon makes palm identitypayment system useful

One of the world’s largest shopping companies Amazon, Taking a step back from the cashierless shopping process used abroad. threw.

The shopping giant’s physical location in the USA Amazon Fresh It was reported that it will cancel the camera and sensor-based cashierless shopping system it uses in its stores. The company will reportedly use the system called “Dash Carts” instead. In this system, people will be able to scan the products they buy directly in the smart shopping cart / trolley. Alright “Just Walk Out” Why was the so-called cashierless shopping system canceled? As it turns out, the system allows people to buy the products they want and leave the store without paying anything at the cash register (In stores where people were not working, payment was taken directly from the application.) More than 1,000 people from India are employed to make it work properly.. Due to the extremely high cost of these people and the equipment used to operate the system The company has decided to shelve this radical experiment for now.. It is also among the information received that the system does not work exactly as expected and problems occur frequently.


Amazon, It made the palm identification system, which was previously available abroad, more useful. Users abroad Amazon One People can now register to the service directly with the palm photos they take with their smartphones. For this, it was necessary to go to previously determined physical locations, in this respect, this step taken for iOS and Android applications was very well received. The company reveals this new era in the video below. He wrote: “One is a fast and free ID service that uses only the palm of your hand. Log into your gym, pay for your groceries, log into games or earn discounts and reward points using the palm of your hand.”