Amazon has Blu-ray boxes, LEGO sets, costumes and a lot of May the 4th merch much cheaper

Amazon has Blu ray boxes LEGO sets costumes and a lot

Star Wars 10, the next movie, has just been announced. Now follow me the official Star Wars holiday on May 4 (“May the 4th”) another major event for fans of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Co. There is a matching Amazon many offers around the films, characters and the popular merchandise the legendary space saga.

Star Wars Day 2023: The best offers on Amazon

Especially with the Skywalker saga movies and boxes on Blu-ray and DVD you can save a lot *. All you have to do is activate the discount coupon on the product page and save 20 percent. Even with the individual versions and the offshoot films Rogue One: A Star Wars Story * as well as Solo: A Star Wars Story * the discount can be applied.

There are some high-quality ones for desks or shelves Action and collectible figures from Hasbro below the suggested retail price (RRP). They are also very popular with young and old popular LEGO models to assemble yourself, no matter whether helmets, scenes or spaceships and vehicles.

High quality Star Wars merch on sale

Fans of Disney’s The Mandalorian, which recently ended Season 3, will be in for a treat with the Mandalorian Helmet * or the discounted Baby Yoda *. There is also a higher-quality copy * reduced to a remote-controlled version *.

You can also save a lot on clothing, shoes and costumes. The popular electric toothbrushes in the Star Wars design * for children are also cheaper.

With the numerous offers for the Star Wars holiday, the waiting time for Star Wars 10 should definitely be bridged a bit for the time being. The new film is known to bring back Daisy Ridley in her signature role as Rey and could also bring back another star of the sequel trilogy, despite criticizing his films.

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