Amazon and Microsoft announce hardware events

1663896327 Amazon and Microsoft announce hardware events

shopping giant Amazon and software giant Microsoft, announced hardware events. Both companies will come up with many products.

Amazon On September 28, Microsoft events on October 12. will make. Focus at Microsoft’s event “Surface” computers and other possible products. According to the leaks, the new Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 will be introduced at the event. But of course, other surprises and different computer / phone / tablet trials may also come up. Many new products are expected to be introduced at Amazon’s event. It is possible that the company will also make announcements for new services.

Amazon’s hardware events are getting really interesting. The company has a robot line in past events. a flying security camera even introduced. In this respect, the expectation for the September 28 event is at a very high level.


Amazon before that came up with an issue related to Alexa. had come. Company, digital assistant In order to improve the use of Alexa based in Turkey, it started to search for test users.. For this purpose, the company sent an invitation by e-mail.

The shopping giant still does not provide 100 percent clear information on this issue, but the long-awaited step has been taken. It seems to point to Turkish language support as well. Alexa’s competitors have had Turkish language support for a long time, and Amazon, which has official operations in Turkey, now needs to localize Alexa. Within the scope of this step, the company’s Alexa-based “Echo” It seems likely that it will officially bring its products to Turkey.