Amanda, 26, suffered nerve damage after butt augmentation

Amanda 26 suffered nerve damage after butt augmentation

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Amanda, 26, would finally get the dream body she longed for.

But the butt enlargement did not go as planned – with nerve damage as a result.

Now the clinic manager and the surgeon have received criticism from Ivo.

After saving up a total of 60,000 kroner, it was finally time for Amanda Montin, 26, to carry out the long-awaited buttock operation.

– I was completely determined that I wanted to have the procedure. I wanted shapes that I didn’t have and it wasn’t something I could train myself for.

In February 2022, it was time for the procedure at Bellakliniken in Helsingborg.

– I felt safe with the clinic because I had done my breasts there before and I was very picky about which implants I wanted.

According to Amanda, she and the surgeon had a good dialogue before the operation, and he was well aware of which implants Amanda wanted.


full screenAmanda Montin chose the clinic carefully when she was going to have her surgery. Photo: Private


full screen “I wanted shapes that I didn’t have and it wasn’t something I could train myself for,” says Amanda Montin. Photo: Private

Couldn’t move

But already during the awakening, Amanda felt that something was not right.

– I couldn’t move. It felt like my whole right leg was dead. I also had pain in my left leg, but it was a completely different pain.

A while later, Amanda also began to lose feeling in her intimate parts.

– Then I had a complete panic.

Amanda also felt that the implants sat asymmetrically.

– The right was out on the hip, while the left was more in the middle of the buttock.

But even though she complained, she says that it was not taken seriously, but was explained that it was because she was swollen.


fullscreen Already upon waking, Amanda felt that something was not right. Photo: Private

In the meantime, she was told to take narcotic and anti-inflammatory drugs, expecting the pain to subside “within a few weeks.”

Something that didn’t happen.

– I couldn’t live a normal life. I couldn’t move or play with my son. I lay on my stomach for eight months and couldn’t do anything.

– I really lost my zest for life.


full screenAmanda felt that her implants were sitting asymmetrically. Photo: Private

Ivo directs criticism

Amanda was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed a pinched nerve and advised her to remove the implants to get rid of the pain.

– She said that it took very little for my nerve to die completely. She said a flick from a pillow would make me a vegetable.

The Bella clinic advised her to let the wound after the procedure heal first. Just over eight months after the operation, Amanda took out the implants. Then she discovered that there were other implants than the ones she and the surgeon had discussed.

According to Amanda, the explanation from the clinic was that at the time of the operation, the implants she wanted were not available in the right shape.


full screenAmanda took out her implants. Photo: Private

Amanda reported the clinic to the Health and Care Inspectorate, Ivo, who in December 2023 criticized the clinic manager and the doctor in charge.

According to the decision, those responsible should have ensured that Amanda received a neurological examination instead of only being prescribed medication.

Ivo believes that it led to prolonged suffering for Amanda and also notes that it took over six months before the implant was removed.

Aftonbladet has been in contact with the clinic manager Johan Nordquist, who replies via email that he has not operated on the patient in question.

“The only thing I have done in the current case is to convey advice from the world’s leading experts on butt implants”.

Critical of Ivo

Furthermore, he in turn directs criticism at Ivo, who he believes has used a competitor as an expert in his statement, and who he believes has no experience of the operation in question.

“That is the remarkable thing about the whole situation,” writes Johan Nordquist.

In their statement, however, Ivo themselves write that there is no severance situation, and that the expert’s statement refers to complications after the operation itself and not the procedure itself.

Aftonbladet has also sought the responsible surgeon, who refers to previous statements he made in other media.

To SVT News he says, among other things, that they have acted correctly, but that he will consider removing the implants at an earlier stage if the same thing were to happen again.

FAKTAIvo’s response to the allegation:

IVO assesses that XX’s participation as an expert means that he is not covered by the statutory provisions in the Administration Act (2017:900), FL. IVO has given XX the task of assessing and commenting as an external expert on whether assessments and medical positions in connection with the patient’s course of care have taken place in accordance with current legislation. The agreement does not refer to any handling measures or participation in decisions. It follows that XX lacks a formal position as administrator or decision-maker and therefore the equalization rules in FL should not be applied.

JN (Johan Nordquist) and (AK, the responsible surgeon) also question XX’s experience and knowledge of buttock implants and question the scientific basis for his assessment. In his comments, JN has attached a conversation with another plastic surgeon regarding the management of the patient’s symptoms. IVO has considered the views received, but these do not change IVO’s position. IVO would like to clarify that XX’s assessment refers to the handling of the post-operative complications, not the operative procedure.

Source: Ivo

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full screen “It’s not worth your health to follow a body ideal,” says Amanda. Photo: Private

“Feels like a slap on the fingers”

For Amanda, however, the Ivo criticism is scant consolation, as she still experiences problems 1.5 years later.

– It feels like they are getting their fingers slapped while I have been deprived of my health. I have a persistent pain in my right leg that prevents me from putting too much weight on either the leg or the foot. This means that I cannot walk for long distances without overexerting my leg.

– This is probably something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

Amanda also notes that, with hindsight, she would never do a similar procedure again.

– This is a pain I would not wish on anyone. I really hope that anyone who is considering an operation like this thinks twice and refrains. Because it’s not worth your health to follow a body ideal.

– This has destroyed parts of my life.

FACT This applies when you report to Ivo:

arrow As a general rule, IVO investigates complaints only when the care provider has had the opportunity to respond to the complaint.

arrow In order to investigate the complaint, Ivo needs to know who the patient is. A report to Ivo becomes a public document. Thus, all information in the report can be disclosed to the public in accordance with the principle of public disclosure.

arrow Before reporting a complaint, you should do the following:

  • Present the complaint to the responsible healthcare provider or to the patient committee in your region.
  • Get an answer from the healthcare provider or patient committee. They will have four weeks to respond to you.
  • As a general rule, IVO does not investigate matters concerning events that date back more than two years.
  • IVO does not investigate questions about financial compensation.
  • Source: The Inspectorate for Care and Care

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