Already 12,000 Babboe claims: ‘Huge confession from cargo bike manufacturer raises many questions’

Already 12000 Babboe claims Huge confession from cargo bike manufacturer

Birkway law firm sees Babboe’s message as a “huge confession”. “The admission that all bicycles mentioned really pose a safety risk is also the only clear thing about the message, because it also raises quite a few questions. How soon can Babboe replace 22,000 cargo bikes with a new, safe bicycle? And why Is that new bicycle safe? We estimate that Babboe will have to check and, if necessary, repair at least 50,000 bicycles. How soon does Babboe want to achieve this in the thirty countries where it sells its cargo bikes? What is the so-called “current value” of Babboe cargo bikes? What if you have already bought a new cargo bike from another brand?”