Alper Gezeravcı has arrived, Tuva Cihangir Atasever is leaving! Date given for second space mission

Alper Gezeravci has arrived Tuva Cihangir Atasever is leaving Date

Noting that Alper Gezeravcı’s health check-up process took between 3-7 days, Kıraç said that his predictions were that it would take less time for Gezeravcı.


Kıraç stated that Gezeravcı carried out 13 scientific experiments during his stay in space and that the results of the experiments continue to be evaluated.

Pointing out that approximately 2 thousand experiments in space studies have been recorded in the literature to date, Kıraç continued as follows:

“Now the experiments carried out by a Turkish astronaut have been published in the literature. Hopefully, it will also be useful in academic and international publications from now on. Along with this mission, we are currently carrying out our space awareness and human resources mission. While Alper was there, we met with our students from Samsun to Hatay We are here. This excitement will continue after Alper returns. There are invitations to Alper from all provinces of Turkey. We will see Alper’s contributions to society about space awareness and human resources in the future. Young people should look forward to Alper brothers. Alper brothers will come. He “And he’s waiting to meet them.”



Kıraç informed that they will send the second astronaut Tuva Cihangir Atasever into space in April for a suborbital flight of approximately 80 kilometers and that he will perform approximately 7 experiments.

Emphasizing that they will be eagerly awaiting Atasever’s return, Kıraç said, “It looks like Tuva’s space journey will take place around the first weeks of April.” he said.

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