Alper Gezeravcı and his entourage returned to Earth

Alper Gezeravci and his entourage returned to Earth

Alper Gezeravcıinto space Axiom Space It was taken out with the SpaceX-based Ax-3 / Axiom Mission 3 mission made by the company.

Chosen as Turkey’s first space traveler Alper Gezeravcı, To the International Space Station (ISS) Axiom Space and organized by SpaceX signed Falcon 9 capsule positioned in front of the rocket Crew Dragoncentering on Axiom Mission 3 He was discharged from his duty on January 19 without any problems. This was not a long-term mission and had recently come to an end. But the last step could not be taken. because the weather conditions in the landing area could not reach the desired level.. That’s why the planned return was postponed many times. Recently, favorable conditions were finally achieved and The team left the ISS without any problems and returned to Earth as of today. (They went down to the sea with parachutes and it was announced that everyone was fine). The four-person multinational team was accepted after receiving approval from NASA and ISS partners. “task expert” passed as Gezeravcı next to him, Ax-3 Commander Michael López-Alegríapilot Walter Villadei and other Mission Specialist Marcus Wandt was also included.


Here As reported, he graduated from the Air Force Academy as an electronics engineer. Gezeravcı, afterwards US Air Force Institute of TechnologyHe completed his master’s degree in operational research at. Gezeravcı, an F-16 pilot, has accomplished important tasks and successes in the Air Force for 21 years. Italy, Turkey and Sweden have come together through the European Space Agency (ESA) for Ax-3, which is the third manned mission of Axiom Space. To take Gezeravcı into space It is reported that Turkey paid a “seat fee” of around 55 million dollars.

Video showing the moment of landing: