Almost 40 degrees in southern Europe – tourists are lured into the scorching heat at bargain prices | Foreign countries

Almost 40 degrees in southern Europe tourists are lured

High temperatures have been measured in, for example, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Romania.

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In Finland, the heat of early summer is on its way, but it is now even scorching hot in the Mediterranean travel destinations favored by Finns.

Last Saturday’s highest temperatures in Southeastern European resorts were measured in Larnaca, Cyprus, where it was 38.8 degrees, and in Antalya, Turkey, where the mercury just reached 38 degrees, says ‘s meteorologist Anne Borgström.

In the video above, Romanians talk about the sweltering heat of the past few days. In the country, temperatures of 37 degrees in the shade are predicted for the next few days, says the public broadcasting company TVR.

In the capital, Bucharest, 34 degrees were measured on Saturday, and later in the day the townspeople had to take shelter from heavy hailstorms.

According to Borgström, the situation in the area is especially difficult for elderly people, as the heat lasts for several days.

For example, in Romania, health authorities have warned the elderly and children to stay out of the sun, especially at noon.

However, according to the Meteorologist, temperatures above 30 degrees in June are not exceptional in the region.

– Usually these come as heat waves like this, says Borgström.

The travel agency Tui is currently heavily advertising discounts for next week’s sudden departures on its Finnish website. Many of the cheapest sudden departures go to Turkey, Greece and Cyprus, which are already experiencing heat waves.

Also at other large travel agencies, the vast majority of the cheapest sudden departures at the moment go to these countries.

Suomen Tui’s communications manager Laura Aaltonen denies that the ongoing discount campaign is due to the high temperatures in the region.

According to him, the price is based on dynamic pricing. It means, among other things, that the cheapest trips are sold for which there is the least demand.