Allergic to pollen? Then you need to seek care

Allergic to pollen Then you need to seek care

Summer, summer and sun. Many people think that summer is the highlight of the year, but for others it is a long period of runny noses, fatigue and itchy eyes.

Today, there are many different types of treatment for the pollen plague and many medicines are also available without a prescription. But the doctor Magnus Olausson warns in News morning about the symptoms that make you need to seek care for your allergy.

How to treat pollen allergy

Olausson says that pollen allergy can often be treated yourself with over-the-counter medicines. But it is important to start the treatment in time. But he also points out that it is better to treat late than not at all.

– If you have big problems right now, you are a bit late to the ball. Because normally you should start the treatment a week before to get the best effect, says Olausson in the program.

If you have not had pollen problems before but suspect that you have become allergic to pollen, you can buy antihistamine tablets at the pharmacy and try to treat for a week. Other common medicines are nasal sprays and eye drops.

Effective treatment of pollen allergy. Photo: Screenshot/TV4

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Then you need to seek care

But although most people can treat their pollen allergy themselves with over-the-counter medicines, there are those who need to seek medical care.

– Is it the case that you have breathing problems, i.e. coughing, wheezing or the like. Then you should always contact the health center because then it’s important to get an inhaler and it’s not over-the-counter, says Olausson.


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