All the innovations of Apple watchOS 10

All the innovations of Apple watchOS 10

applerecently at WWDC 2023 Apple Watch which is an exciting update for its users. watchOS 10introduced the . Packed with new features and improved functionality, watchOS 10 improves the user experience and support better mental and physical well-being aims.

All Features

Redesigned Apps: The update brings a new look to popular apps like Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages and more. These redesigned apps provide users with improved navigation and easy access to essential information at a glance. The Activity and Fitness apps have also received updates that offer improved tracking, sharing features, and a revamped mug box.

SmartStack: A new widget called Smart Stack intelligently adapts to the user’s context and displays relevant information based on time of day or user activities. Whether it’s weather updates or boarding passes, Smart Stack allows users to easily find the most relevant information.

Developer Updates: Developers can take advantage of the new design language to update their apps, resulting in improved functionality and design. Popular apps like Streaks, the NBA app, and Waterllama have already embraced these updates, which offer improved user experiences.

Control Center: Accessible with a simple touch of the side button, Control Center provides quick access to important functions, even while using other apps. Users can easily switch between recently used apps for seamless multitasking by double-clicking the Digital Crown.

New Watch Faces: watchOS 10 introduces two new watch faces, Palette and Snoopy, that add artistic and fun visuals to Apple Watch. The palette displays the time using changing colors, while Snoopy adds a playful twist to the watch face selection, featuring interactive elements based on weather conditions and user activities.


Mental Health Support: watchOS 10 includes tools to improve mental health. The Mindfulness app allows for discreet logging of emotions and moods, while the Health app provides information on factors that affect mental health. Users can also benefit from depression and anxiety assessments.

Vision Health: Apple Watch now measures time spent in daylight, helping users prioritize eye health. The Screen Distance feature reduces the risks of myopia by encouraging a healthy distance from devices.

Data security: Health app data, including mental health and vision health data, is encrypted while the device is locked, ensuring the privacy and security of users’ personal information.


These are just some of the notable features of watchOS 10. Additional enhancements include improved contact sharing, offline maps, FaceTime features, medication reminders, and custom workout plans. The update will be available for free this fall for Apple Watch Series 4 or later and iPhone Xs or later with iOS 17. Alongside watchOS 10, the company The Vision Pro, the first mixed reality headset also released to the market.