All players and upgrades at a glance

The summer in FC 24 is all about the national teams. The next live event in Ultimate Team, “Make Your Mark,” started on June 14th. We’ll show you all the players in our tracker and give you the most important information about their chances of upgrades.

What kind of event is this? “Make Your Mark is an event that brings a variety of dynamic cards. It focuses on players who want to make their mark on the following tournaments in the coming weeks and write their own success story:

  • UEFA EURO 2024
  • Copa America
  • Some of the new cards have 4 Playstyle+. This has never been seen before in any other event. And players can even get 3 more upgrades.

    When do players get upgrades? Players must meet the following requirements in their national teams to unlock associated upgrades:

  • Make your debut: Chemistry+ (three chemistry points from the start)
  • Attackers/Midfielders score 2 goals or assists: +1 overall rating (OVR)
  • Defenders/Goalkeepers do not concede a goal in 2 games: +1 OVR
  • 5 games are used: +1 OVR
  • EA Sports FC 24: Update teaser for the European Championship 2024

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    Make Your Mark Tracker: All Players and Upgrades

    A total of 34 players (as of June 17) from EURO 2024 and Copa América have a chance of being upgraded. We have recorded each one in our tracker. To keep track, we have assigned the players to their respective competitions.

    What does the tracker show you? In the tracker you can find the following information from left to right:

  • Players (current rating) – Positions
  • all player ratings that have already received an upgrade are marked in bold
  • nationality
  • with a star
  • the cards that still have a chance of being upgraded are marked
  • completed games
  • After one game, Chemistry+ is unlocked, after 5 completed games you get +1 OVR
  • Goals/assists for strikers and clean sheets for defenders and goalkeepers
  • some players can play both in defense and in midfield, the tracker counts the player’s primary position

    Make Your Mark Tracker: EURO 2024
    Player (Rating) – PositionsNationalityPlayed gamesGoals/assists or games without conceding (+1 GES)van Dijk (97) – IVNetherlands*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2Palmer (96) – ZOM, RFEngland*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Dimarco (96) – LM, IV, LVItalia*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Kolo Muani (96) – ST, RM, MSFrance*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Rafael Leão (96) – LF, LM, MS, STPortugal*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Xavi Simons (95) – ZOM, RF, LFNetherlands*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Šeško (95) – ST, MSSlovenia*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1Goals/Assistants: 0/2Williams (95) – LM, RM, RF, LFSpain*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Mudryk (95) – LM, LFUkraine*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Tchouaméni (95) – CDM, IV, CMFrance*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Theate (94) – IV, LVBelgien*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2Drăgușin (94) – IVRumania*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2McTominay (94) – ZDM, ZMScotland*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Okafor (94) – ST, ZOM, MS, LFSwitzerland*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Kiwior (94) – LV, IV, ZDMPoland*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2Big (93) – CM, RV, CDMGermany*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Ilic (93) – CM, MSSerbia*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Mittelstädt (93) – LAV, LV, LMGermany*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2Toney (93) – ST, MSEngland*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Le Normand (92) – IV Spain*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 1/2Sosa (92) – LAV, LV, LMCroatia*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1without conceding goal: 0/2Bah (92) – RV, RAVDenmark*1/1: Chemie+
    1/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2Mikautadze (92) – ST, MSGeorgia*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Boženík (91) – ST, MSSlovakia*0/1: Chemie+

    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2

    Make Your Mark Tracker: Copa America
    Player (Rating) – PositionsNationalityPlayed gamesGoals/assists or games without conceding (+1 GES)Mac Allister (96) – CM, CDM, ZOMArgentina*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Martinelli (96) – LF, LMBrazil*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Garnacho (96) – LF, LMArgentina*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Yan Couto (95) – RV, RAV, RFBrazil*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2McKennie (94) – CM, ZDM, RMUSA*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Johnston (94) – RV, RAV, IVCanada*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2Ugarte (93) – CM, CDM Uruguay*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assistants: 0/2Sánchez (92) – RV, RAVMexiko*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1without conceding a goal: 0/2Minda (91) – RM, LM, MS, LFEcuador*0/1: Chemie+
    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2Villamíl – ZM, RAV, ZOMBolivia*0/1: Chemie+

    0/5: GES +1Goals/Assists: 0/2 When will the upgrades appear in the game?

    The upgrades are expected to appear in the game quickly. During the European Championship, the dynamic Path to Glory maps were previously adjusted just one day later. We have created another tracker for the Path to Glory on MeinMMO: Path to Glory Tracker in FC 24: All players, upgrades and dates for Euro 2024