All information about pre-orders and editions

After years of wandering, the release of the pirate MMO Skull and Bones is now just around the corner. We have all the information about pre-orders and editions.

Originally planned for 2016, the arrival of Skull and Bones has been repeatedly postponed. The game has been rebuilt and refocused several times. Now land is finally in sight for the promising open-world pirate MMO. We will give you an overview of the different editions and show you where you can pre-order them.

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Do you still remember the fantastic naval battles from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag? Skull and Bones wants to bring that back to you with new technology and MMO elements. The success of Black Flag, which was released in 2013, was also the origin of the game’s development. Away from the assassin theme and towards exciting multiplayer!

However, development stalled several times and the direction was changed more than once. But now the time has finally come from February 16th you can set sail with your own pirate ship.

Pirate MMO Skull & Bones shows brutal sea battles and absurd upgrades in the new trailer

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Your goal is relatively simple. You make the open world unsafe, engage in action-packed sea battles and capture other ships. You win materials that you can then invest in your ship and crew. Basically a looter shooter with sea battles, which you can of course also play in co-op with your friends.

These are the editions

Skull and Bones basically comes in two versions, the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition. There is also the Limited Edition on Amazon, which gives you an extra mission at no extra charge. All pre-orders also receive this Sovereignty of the Open Seas Pack. This offers an exclusive outfit as well as a special coronation celebration fireworks.

Of course, the Premium Edition is particularly exciting. This allows you to start the game up to three days earlier, i.e. immediately. The following content is also included in the Premium Edition:

  • Additional mission “The Ashen Corsair” (also included in the Limited Edition)
  • Additional mission “The Legacy of Bloody Bones”
  • Ballad of Bloody Bones Pack includes outfit and 11 ship decorations
  • digital art book
  • digital soundtrack
  • Premium letter of marque token
  • You can find the Premium Edition here:

    Pre-order Premium Edition now on Amazon

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