All-digital white Xbox Series X announced

All digital white Xbox Series X announced

Fully digital white color Xbox Series X announced. There’s also a special Series X with 2TB of storage. came.

Xbox Games Showcase In addition to new games, new Xbox consoles were also introduced. The first of the new consoles It became the white Xbox Series X with a completely digital structure. In addition to this new $450 console with a 1TB SSD, Has 2TB internal SSD “Galaxy Black” Xbox Series X with a color disc drive ($600) version was also introduced. That is, it is not more powerful than the normal Series next to consoles using the same hardwarewhite all-digital Xbox Series S with 1TB SSD (350 dollars) was also announced. On the rival side, PlayStation 5 Pro Work is being done on.TrinityThe new console, codenamed “, according to the technical documents seen It will increase the graphics processing power from 10.28 teraflops to 33.5 teraflops.Up to three times better with PS5 Pro than PS5 ray tracing performance will be offered. In fact, the console is reported to have ray tracing performance four times better than the normal PS5 in some cases. It will provide 4K 60 fps as standard in almost every new production..


The model seems to have the power to run many games at 4K 120 fps. PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) It will also support a technology signed by Sony. This DLSS And F.S.R. Similar technology will basically process the resolution low and then raise it with the help of artificial intelligence. Thus, the console, which will significantly increase 4K game performance, will be based on a special machine learning architecture and will also have a special artificial intelligence processing / execution unit.

According to other leaked information, the PS5 Pro model is not 448 GB/s (14 GT/s) unlike the PS5. Memory at 576 GB/s (18GT/s) will carry (A 28 percent increase is mentioned here.), the processor will be the same but It can reach a clock speed of 3.85 GHz (For this one It will be High CPU Frequency Mode) And physical disk drive from the trunk can be separated. Sony is reported to have already sent notifications to developers to make their released or upcoming games compatible with PS5 Pro. The new console will also allow companies to use 13.7 GB of RAM instead of 12.5..

According to the latest information, the GPU of PS5 Pro At 2.18 GHz (2.35GHz at maximum) will worksome cache increases specifically for higher ray tracing performance on the GPU (It looks like the L1 cache will increase from 128KB to 256KB, while the L0 cache will increase from 16KB to 32KB) will be. The new GPU will also include new DirectX 12 Ultimate features such as variable rate shading and hybrid MSAA support. These new features will bring a 45 percent performance increase in some games.