All About Kaeli Abdi: Family, TV Shows and Tiktok Success

All About Kaeli Abdi Family TV Shows and Tiktok Success

Kaeli Abdi Age – How Old Is She?

Kaeli Abdi was born on February 6, 1997, which means that she will turn 28 in 2025.

Kaeli Abdi Family – Does She Have Siblings?

Kaeli Abdi comes from a large family, which she talked about in Bohuslänningen.

– We are nine siblings, it was like a leisure farm at home the whole time. But it was funny, I always felt sorry for those who don’t have many siblings.

Does Kaeli Abdi come from Trollhättan?

Yes, according to TTELA Kaeli Abdi grew up in Kronogården in Trollhättan.

How many followers does Kaeli Abdi have on Tiktok?

As of April 2024, Kaeli Abdi, who goes by the name @kaeldiabdi on Tiktok, has over 171,000 followers on the platform. Several of her videos have over a million views.

Who was in “Kaeli dating” on SVT?

During the fall and winter of 2023, “Kaeli dejtar” was broadcast on SVT Play.

“Follow Kaeli Abdi’s struggle to become a soccer wife. The road to get there is tough – many soccer profiles have to be dated,” the program description reads.

In the series, Kaeli faced Abdi among others Boss Andersson, Zecira Musovic and Zara Larsson.

Previously, Kaeli Abdi has been a presenter, together with Batoul Raadfor the talk show “Gruppchatten”.

Kaeli Abdi in SVT’s “Group chat”

Does Kaeli Abdi have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

It is unclear if Kaeli Abdi has a partner at the moment. At least it’s not something she’s talked about in public.

Is Kaeli Abdi in Prisoners at the Fort 2024?

In the spring of 2024, Kaeli Abdi will be in Fångarna på foret 2024 in TV4. She then forms a team with Philip Dikmen and Patrick Ekwall. They are then opposed Dusan Umicevic, Axel Schylström and Klara Hammarström.

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Does Kaeli Abdi have Instagram?

On Instagram, Kaeli Abdi is @kaeliabdi.