Alexander Zverev is sentenced for assaulting his ex-girlfriend

It is a court in Berlin that handed out a 90-day fine of SEK 58,900 to reigning Olympic champion Zverev, who opposes the verdict and will appeal.

Model Brenda Patea has been vindicated in her accusations against her ex-boyfriend for assault during an argument.

“The defendant is accused of physically assaulting a woman and injuring her during a brawl in Berlin in 2020,” writes The Guardian.

Model Brenda Patea has a daughter who was born in 2021 together with world number nine Zverev. They met in 2020 and dated for less than twelve months.

Zverev keeps his distance

“For my part, I completely reject the allegations. My lawyers are taking care of the matter. I won’t say anything more about it,” Zverev wrote to the court in Berlin when the case was heard in July, The Guardian reports.

There are upset tones from Zverev’s team. After the verdict on Tuesday, his lawyer Schertz Bergmann wrote the following:

“The procedure is scandalous, it cannot be a question of a fair, constitutional procedure. Zverev will take action against this by any means available.”

The ATP previously investigated and acquitted Zverev of assaulting another girlfriend in Shanghai in 2019. Oga Sharypova spoke publicly about an assault that allegedly took place in a hotel room. The ATP considered that there was a lack of sufficient evidence, which they concluded in January this year.