Alexander Stubb becomes the new president of Finland

According to Yles election survey Alexander Stubb receives 51.4 percent of the total voter support. He succeeds Sauli Niinistö, who held the office for 12 years.

– I think Finland will get a good president. Alexander Stubb is a knowledgeable person, says Haavisto, who now for the third time comes second in a presidential election, according to EPN.

Voter turnout in the second round of the election was 70.7 percent, less than in the first when 75 percent voted. 45.7 percent of eligible Finns voted early in the presidential election, a sharp increase compared to the last election and a new record.

Alexander Stubb belongs to the Collection Party. Pekka Haavisto is running as an independent candidate but is supported by De Gröna.

– The president is expected to be a moral leader who is a unifying force for Finland rather than someone who is combative, says Ida Linde, foreign correspondent at SVT Nyheter.

Here you can watch SVT’s broadcast about the presidential election afterwards.

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What will be Alexander Stubb’s biggest challenges? Hear SVT’s reporter from the vigil. Photo: Andreas Hult/SVT