Alcohol worth millions was stolen from a trailer

The police in Jönköping County report this:

11:31 Police were called to the E4 outside Krängsberg, Vaggeryd, due to a theft. During the night to Sunday, the thief/thieves are said to have stolen a trailer from a fenced area at the height of Torsvik and driven it to a small parking pocket outside Krängsberg with the forest as cover.
The load has then been emptied and the trailer left behind. The stolen goods must have consisted of alcohol and are said to have a goods value in the millions. A report of grand theft will be filed and there are currently no suspects.

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Info about Theft crime

The number of theft reports has decreased in Sweden by 21% between 2013-2021 *. Vaggeryd is top 64 in Sweden this year in terms of theft.

The city with the most thefts so far this year is Sundsvall, followed by Stockholm and Umeå.

Short facts about Vaggeryd

Vaggeryd is a place in Jönköping County, with 5613 inhabitants. Vaggeryd is originally an industrial community that had several furniture manufacturing companies.

* The statistics come from the Crime Prevention Council