Alarm about shooting at school in Vantaa

Alarm about shooting at school in Vantaa

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full screen Large police operation at the school in Finland. Photo: Lassi Rinne/Ilta-Sanomat

At least three children have been shot at a school in Finland.

Students and teachers have locked themselves in the classrooms.

“The police have arrested the suspect. The operation is ongoing,” the police write on their website.

A large police operation is underway at the Vierta School in Vantaa, just north of Helsinki.

Several heavily armed police officers were called to the school at 09:08 local time due to a suspected shooting.

Just over an hour later, the police state that people have been injured and that the suspected perpetrator has been arrested. A video published by Ilta Sanomat shows how a person in a black shirt and dark green pants is arrested outdoors on the street next to a bus stop.

At least three children have been injured.

“All those involved in the shooting are minors. According to the police’s current information, there are three injured,” the police write on their website.


full screen At least three children must be injured in the shooting. Photo: Lassi Rinne/Ilta-Sanomat

800 students and 90 employees

About 800 students attend the school and about 90 people work at the school, according to Iltahleti and Helsingin Sanomat. The school teaches children in grades 1–9.

The school principal states for Ilta Sanomat that students and staff at the school have barricaded themselves in classrooms and other spaces and are awaiting police instructions.

“The public is asked to stay away from the area and stay indoors. Do not open the door for unknown persons,” the police wrote on their website shortly after the alarm.

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