Åkesson is criticized internally after the election fiasco


  • Åkesson is criticized internally after the election fiasco

    Internal criticism is directed at Jimmie Åkesson and the top leadership of the Sweden Democrats after yesterday’s election results, says a source The Express.

    The criticism is mainly about how the party handled TV4’s disclosure of SD’s troll accounts.


  • SD largest in the school election

    Photo: Chart from the Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs

    The preliminary results for the EU school elections 2024 have been published on Mucf’s website.

    SD wins the school election and lands on 24.48 percent.

    Close behind is M, which gets 23.96 percent, followed by S at 18.47 percent.

    KD comes last of the parliamentary parties with 3.38 percent.

    A total of 87,000 upper secondary and upper secondary students chose to vote in this year’s EU school elections. This means a voter turnout of over 55 percent at the participating schools.

    The final result will be announced in the autumn.

  • Another man is in custody – after the murder of C.Gambino

    After the murder of C.Gambino, two detention hearings were held in the Gothenburg district court on Monday.

    At lunchtime, the news came that a man was arrested for involvement in the murder.

    Another man is now in custody.

    Read more here.

  • A car ran into a person – then into a restaurant

    A woman was hit by an open car door in central Svenljunga on Monday afternoon.

    – The driver has then driven into a gas plant connected to a restaurant. We have been connected regarding the LPG incident, says Bo Sandström, duty officer at the rescue service, to TV4.

    – We have been on site and closed the taps to the gas tubes and secured further leakage, continues Bo Sandström.

    According to the police, the driver left the scene after the incident.

    The woman is said to have fallen to the ground, but was awake and talking when the police got there.

  • The health guru died after just over two hours

    Michael Mosley, 67, was found dead after being missing for several days on a Greek island.

    For a long time his disappearance and death were shrouded in obscurity.

    What had actually happened?

    Now, however, there is new information that clears up some question marks. The health guru’s body has been autopsied.

    The Daily Mail newspaper have read the autopsy report. It shows that he died just over two hours after saying goodbye to his wife to go for a walk.

  • Smoke development in garage in Danderyd

    Smoke development in garages at office premises in Danderyd, it has been caused by a hybrid car. There are no visible flames.

    The office building is being evacuated due to the smoke, according to the emergency services.

  • Växjö: Fire in garage

    At 1:09 p.m., the police receive an alarm that there is a fire in a garage in Växjö on Vintervägen.

    The emergency services are on site.

    There are no reports of injuries yet.

  • Cyclist and car in collision

    The police have received an alarm that a cyclist and a car driver have collided in Östersund.

    A person must have been hit, writes The Östersund post office.

  • German AFD excludes top candidate

    Maximilian Krah does not seem to be allowed to sit with his party colleagues in the EU Parliament. Here, the AFD parliamentarian was photographed in Berlin on Monday morning. Photo: Britta Pedersen/DPA via AP/TT

    Alternative for Germany (AFD) top candidate in the EU elections will not be allowed to sit together with his party in the EU Parliament.

    Maximilian Krah has been the subject of several scandals during the election campaign, including when one of his assistants was formally accused by German authorities of being a spy for China’s intelligence service.

    When Krah later also made controversial comments about Nazi Germany, it resulted in AFD being kicked out of the far-right group ID in the EU Parliament on 23 May.

    When AFD’s newly elected EU parliamentarians met in Berlin on Monday morning, they decided that Krah should be excluded from the party’s delegation to the EU Parliament. However, no decisions have been made about his future in the party. The party also has no opportunity to prevent a popularly elected candidate from the seat in parliament.

    “I wish my newly elected parliamentary colleagues every success in their attempts to rejoin the ID group without me,” writes Maximilian Krah himself on social media.

    “I believe that this is the wrong way to go and that it sends a devastating signal to our voters, especially the young voters.”

  • Burning truck on E4

    There is a fire in a truck on the E4 near Tystberga.

    The Swedish Transport Agency states on its website that it affects traffic in both directions.

    According to the forecast, traffic will be affected at least until 1:24 p.m.

    Rescue services and rescuers are on site.

  • Extremely long heat wave plagues India

    A man working at a car wash in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat cools down passing motorists with water. Photo: Ajit Solanki/AP/TT

    Since mid-May, parts of northern India have been plagued by a heat wave, with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees. The heat wave is the longest recorded so far, according to meteorologists.

    – It is the longest period because it has lasted for about 24 days in various parts of India, states Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, director of the Indian Meteorological Institute (IMD).

    In Delhi, temperatures on par with the record in the city of 49.2 degrees from the year 2022 have been measured. At 17 different measuring stations around the capital on May 29, temperatures of 49 degrees were measured.

    Temperatures are expected to drop as the annual monsoon rains move north. But the IMD warns that the danger is not over.

    – Heat waves will become more frequent, longer and more intense, unless preventive measures are taken, says Mohapatra.

  • A man is in custody – after the murder of C.Gambino

    Two men are already suspects after the artist C.Gambino was shot to death in Gothenburg.

    A man is now in custody on suspicion of involvement in the murder.

    Another detention hearing will be held during the day.

    Read more here.

  • E12 closed – collision between motorcycle and car

    A motorist and motorcyclist have collided on the E12/Båtvägen in Lycksele, the police write.

    Emergency services, ambulance and police go to the scene.

    Traffic is temporarily shut down and diverted, writes the Swedish Transport Agency.

    A man was taken to hospital with serious injuries, writes P4 Västerbotten.

  • Tumult during murder trial in Stockholm

    There is commotion during a murder trial in Södertörn district court. It reports TV4.

    A person has smashed parts of the interior in the court, says Helena Boström Thomas at the police.

    The trial is about a triple murder and seven attempted murders for which a trio of teenagers and a man are suspected.

    According to TV4, the 17-year-old who is accused of having been the shooter in both crimes must have mocked the relatives of the murder victims.

    – It is the case that one of the defendants behaves in a way that should not be done in the courtroom, taunts and behaves in a way that can also be threatening. We will bring it to the district court’s attention, says lawyer Thomas Bodström, who represents the plaintiff, to the channel.

    According to TV4, it must be a plaintiff who broke furniture.

    A report of damage has been drawn up.

  • The dot from Mora Träsk is dead
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  • Can’t you be a little more specific when you say that something has happened in, for example, southern Stockholm Stockholm, be more specific about the location, you don’t understand where it is southern Stockholm Stockholm you are talking about, which area. You need to be more clear when you write.


    Hey Maya! Sometimes we can’t actually print the exact location and it depends on several different things. For example, if a person has been found dead but the next of kin have not been helped, then we do not want to risk issuing a death notice by writing in too much detail.

  • A question about the nursing strike related to your article about heavily pregnant Victorija. For me, childbirth and maternity care in particular feel like extremely socially important professions. From what I understand, there are at least two things in the right to strike that should prevent such departments from going on strike? Region Skåne declares that women and children can die. Why haven’t they submitted the question to the committee that decides whether it is socially critical then? I can understand postponing planned interventions but a woman can’t squeeze until the strike is over?!



    Region Skåne considers the strike to be socially dangerous industrial action. They have therefore requested that the Vårdförbundet withdraw the strike notice.

  • Now you spoiled Gift at first sight again. Oh my God! The program won’t be broadcast until tonight, so you can probably refrain from writing anything until then.

    You have never spoiled before, now two weeks in a row, why are you doing this?


    Hi Per, sorry if you feel like things are revealed before you’ve seen the latest episode! We always try to give a spoiler warning if we release information that not everyone has yet heard on shows like Married at First Sight.

    But we also write for those who want the latest news, so we can release spoilers sometimes.

  • What does it mean that Trump is impeached? Can he get jail time?


    Hey Fred!

    Yes, he can. The maximum penalty for the crimes he was convicted of is four years in prison, according to the New York Times. But that he will receive a prison sentence is seen as unlikely by several American experts, because he has not been convicted before.

    What sentence he may be announced on July 11.

    You can read more about it here and here.

  • What address is there a fire in Södermalm? Gone and hope it’s not mine!


    Hello! We don’t have the exact address, but there was a fire near Nytorget in any case. Hope everything went well for you!

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