AK-47 maker enters EV market with two electric vehicles

AK 47 maker enters EV market with two electric vehicles

The name Kalashnikov may not sound very good to some. But AK-47 There is no one who does not know the assault rifle. The gun was originally put into production by Russian Mikhail Kalashnikov, but the gun; manufactures unmanned vehicles and military robots Kalashnikov Concept There is a company called

Russian company, patented EV We can also say that he is entering the electric vehicle industry as he unveils two of his designs. The company actually first EV prototype 2018He exhibited everything in a beautiful design. These new designs represent some improvements.

EVs were recently filed in the Russian patent office and one of them UV-4 bears its name. But there is also a second, unnamed, never-before-seen three-wheeled vehicle. The UV-4 adopts a rugged-looking design with four exposed wheels.

In addition to a body military grade doors there is also. The entire vehicle measures 133.8 inches long and 59 inches wide, while its height is 70 inches. With this design, we do not expect the interior design to be flashy. The EV will come with features such as air conditioning, sound system and adjustable suspension.

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