airstrike against the city of Kobane in Syria and Turkish threats

airstrike against the city of Kobane in Syria and Turkish

Kurdish forces in Syria accused the Turkish army of having carried out several aerial bombardments against the city of Kobané on Saturday November 19, a few days after Ankara designated the Kurdish movement of the PKK responsible for an attack which bloodied Istanbul. Turkey also asserted that “the hour of reckoning has come”.

The hour of reckoning has come! The bastards will be held accountable for their treacherous attacks “, announced on Twitter the Turkish Ministry of Defense on Sunday, showing the photo of a plane taking off for a night operation without specifying the place.

The nests of terror are razed by precision strikes “, He adds in another message on Twitter, posted with a video showing the definition of a target followed by an explosion, still without specifying the place where the attack takes place.

The ministry does not give any details on the operation which appeared to be underway in the night from Saturday to Sunday, but the Kurdish forces announced ” aerial bombardments of the Turkish army against the locality of Kobané, in northeastern Syria, and against two other villages.

More than twenty strikes were carried out by the Turkish army in the two provinces, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), an NGO based in London and which has an extensive network of sources in Syria, without being able to provide a statement of losses and damages.

US fears of Turkish military action

These raids are carried out a few days after the SDF, supported by Washington, denied any link with the Istanbul bombing of November 13which left six dead and 81 injured.

Turkish authorities accuse a young woman of Syrian nationality of having planted the bomb, which exploded in the main shopping street of Istiklal, in the center of Istanbul.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu had specifically accused the Kurdish YPG forces, which control most of northeastern Syria, of being responsible for the attack, saying ” that the order for the attack was given from Kobané “.

The US State Department said on Friday that it feared ” possible military action by Turkey “, advising its nationals not to go to northern Syria and Iraq.

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