Airports 2030, Celotto: “Stop increases in ticket taxes”

Airports 2030 Celotto Stop increases in ticket

(Finance) – “La municipal tax on airline tickets, which has the form of an additional charge, increases the price of each ticket by up to 9 euros in our country”. This is what the president of Airports 2030, Alfonso Celotto, who in an interview with La Repubblica online asks for a stop to increases in the tax on airline tickets. “His income – this isappeal launched by Celotto – they must actually be allocated to the Municipalities that are close to the airport, without prejudice to the share for the Air Transport Fund. We ask for the reduction of the surcharge and to avoid further increases, especially to the detriment of travellers. And, thirdly, we must prevent local authorities from moving in no particular order, outside of national coordination”. “The glaring differences in the amount of the surcharge – explains Celotto – are causing distortions in the market”.
Also central for the president of Airports 2030 interconnection with high-speed trains. “We also represent the strategic airports of Rome Fiumicino and Venice, recipients of very concrete projects in this regard – explained Celotto –. The high-speed train is already arriving at Fiumicino. The point is to intensify the frequencies to facilitate integration train-aircraft on the routes towards America and Asia: when the track also arrives, the train will land at Fiumicino from Southern Italy and from the Florence-Bologna route without passing through Rome Termini”.

“The new National Airport Plan, which will be presented shortly, will give space to the internationalization of routes. We – he concludes Celotto – we proposed the introduction of the figure of the destination manager. He is a person within the airport, who has the task of making Italian tourist and airport destinations visible, attractive and desirable. We need more intercontinental flights directed towards our country, which do not stop in other countries” to “intercept leaks of passenger traffic”.