AirPods sales: what promotions are available?

AirPods sales what promotions are available

AIRPODS SALE. Despite the arrival of the sales and the 2nd markdown, the price of the AirPods does not seem to be affected. However, several promotions are still available.

The sales continue and launch their 2nd markdown with new very aggressive prices on certain products. AirPods from Apple have seen some price cuts, especially at Rueducommerce which still offers them around 125 euros. Promotions are still available at several merchants and can be found a little further down in this article.

AirPods 2 Winter Sale 2022

2nd generation AirPods are still available and on sale. While not a fall related to the 2022 Winter Sale, these discounts still provide great wireless earbuds while saving money. Note that the AirPods are also usable with an Android device, you will just lose some features like the Apple Siri assistant.

AirPods 3 Winter Sale 2022

The 3rd generation AirPods are quite recent and not affected by the winter sales. The latter were released at the end of 2021 and have better battery life and integrated spatial audio when used with an Apple device. The AirPods 3 are sometimes in small promotion on various specialized sites.

AirPods Pro Winter Sale 2022

Want new headphones for the winter sales? Although they are starting to fade from their own competition with the AirPods 3, the AirPods Pro remain a safe bet that can often be found on promotion, even during the winter sales. Usually available around 250 euros, it is sometimes possible to find them with great price reductions.

AirPods Max Winter Sale

The winter sales allow you to make all kinds of savings. Although these do not directly impact the AirPods Max, they are regularly available on sale. This makes it possible to slightly reduce the cost of this headset, which represents all of Apple’s know-how in terms of sound.

The 2022 winter sales are currently taking place in a majority of departments. They are held from Wednesday January 12 to Tuesday February 8. Do not hesitate to follow the various promotions currently offered by the various specialized brands as well as to consult our article dedicated to the best price reductions available for the winter sales.