Air One, the electric vertical take-off plane for everyone

Air One the electric vertical take off plane for everyone

The company Air has just announced a new electric plane with vertical take-off and landing. Intended for individuals, it will be able to carry two people and should be available in 2024.

EVTOL prototypes, electric airplanes with vertical take-off and landing (Adav), are more and more numerous. The manufacturers are engaged in a real race to be the first to conquer this future market for taxis or personal flying vehicles. The latest is theAir One, from Israeli society Air.

With only two seats, this Adav electric is intended for individuals. THE’Air One can carry up to 200 kilograms to one speed of 250 kilometers per hour. In terms of autonomy, the device is able to travel up to 177 kilometers or fly for an hour, and requires an hour for a full recharge.

Fenders that fold up for easy parking

The device is equipped with eight vertical electric rotors, mounted in pairs on four arms. Its wings can be folded up so that it can be stored in a garage. The manufacturer has also developed its own navigation software ” fly by intention »Which manages all the complex functions so that the device can be used without needing to be a pilot. A monitoring system with artificial intelligence regularly inspects all functions of theAir One.

On its site, Air highlights the time savings for personal journeys with a trip from Westport to New York. In car, it takes 120 minutes to cover the 91 kilometers of road. By the air, the journey is reduced to 79 kilometers in just 25 minutes. The price ofAir One will only be announced in 2022, with a launch slated for 2024. However, the constructor has already opened pre-orders.

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