AI-based comment summarization feature is available for YouTube Shorts

AI based comment summarization feature is available for YouTube Shorts

Continuing to be the leader in the video field YouTube, Artificial intelligence-based comment summarization feature for the shorts side brought.

This feature, which is currently being tested on a limited audience, Analyzes and summarizes Shorts comments using generative artificial intelligence. The feature that can make comments that receive a large number of answers understandable in a short time, Currently it only has English support. This infrastructure, which is unknown when it will come to other languages ​​or be available to everyone, It is already getting good feedback because it will save time. YouTube started testing the artificial intelligence-based “Dream Screen” feature last week. had started. Dream Screen feature is currently only available to certain content creators, allows users to create backgrounds for Shorts videos by simply typing. The system, which can produce both images and videos, looks good to make Shorts more interesting. It is expected to be opened to other content creators in the coming months. dream screen The company states the following about it: “For example, if you want the background of your next Short to be a magical-looking colorful forest or a fancy hotel pool on a tropical island, just type.”


The company has updated the Dream Track feature, which it previously introduced in 2023, and It allowed people to create 30-second instrumental songs without lyrics.. These music, which focus on use directly in Shorts content, can be created with written commands entered in English. In an infrastructure that is not yet open to everyone, different musical genres/styles can be selected and production can be made accordingly. When the Dream Track feature first came out, artificial intelligence-copied voices of names such as Demi Levato, Papoose, T-Pain and John Legend were used and 30-second song requests specifically for people’s song requests. “songs with lyrics” was being created.