Agri-food, Brands: “It is important to invest in supply chains and think from a system perspective”

Agri food Brands It is important to invest in supply chains

(Finance) – The sector agri-food needs important investments and it is necessary think from a supply chain perspective, to reverse the trend and provide answers to a sector severely tested by inflation and the collapse of purchasing power. In this direction the government is moving which, after the allocation to support consumption, he expects to obtain further funding and to be able to give other answers to the sector..

This is what was stated by Sergio MarchiHead of the Technical Secretariat of Francesco LollobrigidaMinister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, spoke via video link to the General States of the Food & Beverage market in Rome.

“The primary sector is closely linked to the world of transformation and to the world of large-scale distribution and small and medium-sized distribution, because we think in terms of the supply chainwhich implies create a system. This is also a way to overcome ancient competitiveness barriers – underlines the MASAF manager – and to redistribute the value chain within an arc structured in a different and more organized way, such as the Italian system”.

“We know the situation well, we come from a not an easy period: first with Covid, then with the Russian invasion in Ukraine, high energy and high prices. All issues that have had a more or less heavy impact”, recalled Marchi, adding “to reverse the trend and look to the future with optimism necessary encourage the supply chain system, as MASAF has already done, using both the funds from the complementary plan and the PNRR funds. It is necessary to make important investments and therefore we hope to obtain additional resources to provide answers to the agri-food sector as a whole”.

“The other important issue is the leverage effect. I want to remind you that one of the innovations since the 2022 budget is the provision of funds to control inflation and support the purchasing power of the weakest groups. I want to thank large-scale distribution and medium and small distribution for the initiatives aimed at promote the Italian shopping cartbecause public funding is imported, but also the underlying leverage effect of measures of this type”.