Agreed with Germany on Europe’s diesel/gasoline vehicle ban

European Union bans the sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles

European Unionwants to close the issue of diesel and gasoline vehicle ban, which has been on the agenda for a long time, with a new step.

For those who missed 2035 in the year European Union within their countries “new” Diesel and gasoline cars were not wanted to be sold. The European Commission, which prepared the regulation with EU countries and European Parliament negotiators, agreed last year that manufacturers should reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 100 percent by 2035. process in the past months approved and so in the EU The sale of new fossil fuel-powered vehicles has been made impossible for 2035. But one last-minute hurdle before infrastructure becomes law. output. One of the countries with the strongest automotive industries in Europe Germany And Italyin the process synthetic fuels (Or E-Fuel is a general name given to synthetic fuel produced from water and carbon dioxide using electricity.) He said they wanted protection for him. Therefore, the vote to enact the process postponed to a later date. Germany believes it is necessary to open Europe to all technologies, He thinks that internal combustion vehicles can also be made environmentally friendly with suitable fuels.


last week European Union, Due to the demand of Germany and Italy, the news of working to arrange an E-Fuel exemption for the 2035 decision came to the agenda. With the step that will carry the vehicles with internal combustion engines using e-fuel beyond 2035, it was aimed to make Germany and also Italy accept the grand plan permanently. As it turns out today Germany reached an agreement with the authorities, a consensus for the future was finally agreed upon. Thanks to this last deal After 2035, vehicles with internal combustion engines using electric + E-Fuel fuel will be together can be used.

A new supporter was added to this thread last week. Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer declared his country a “car country” In his political speech on Austria’s vision for the future, which he defined as “if EU leaders vote on this issue,”I will also oppose the ban on internal combustion engines.” he said. Nehammer, who does not accept only one future infrastructure here, He was among the names that viewed the process negatively. The Italian Minister of Energy also argued that vehicles running on renewable fuels should be considered as clean as electric vehicles.