Aging died at a nursing home in Mölndal – fell from a toilet seat

Aging died at a nursing home in Molndal fell

A user at a nursing home in Mölndal died in the fall of 2023. This was after the user fell from a toilet seat inside the nursing home, which Siren also reported on.

According to a lex Sarah report, there was no written documentation about the person’s need for support, such as two needing help with care and an increased risk of falling.

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Died probably as a result of the fall

In notification, which News24 taken note of, it also states that “according to the assignment, the user had memory problems and speech difficulties and has probably not been able to express himself to the staff, who were facing away from the user in the bathroom”.

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The user probably died as a result of the fall.

It is considered that supervision broke down during the visit to the toilet and a report has therefore been made to the Inspectorate for Care and Care (Ivo).

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