against the pension reform, youth organizations also in the street

against the pension reform youth organizations also in the street

On the initiative of several organizations, including student unions (Unef, Alternative and Fage), the Voix Lycéenne or political organizations (Young Socialists, Young Rebellious, Young Ecologists, etc.), a “Day of action and mobilization of youth” took place on Thursday 9 March to “denounce and highlight the impact of the reform on young people.

In the capital, a procession left at 2 p.m. from Saint-Lazare station to Place de la République. Young people are in tight rows behind a banner, some have a megaphone, because it is their own voice that young people want to make heard.

Listen to Laurence Théault’s report on the Parisian demonstration

Several hundred young people demonstrated Thursday in Paris and in other cities in France at the call of high school and student organizations, during a day of action against the pension reform also marked by blockages of high schools and universities. In Paris, when the procession arrived, representatives of several youth organizations, student unions (Unef, Alternative and Fage), high school students (La Voix Lycéenne) and political organizations (Jeunes insoumis or Jeunes écologistes), on the initiative of this day, took the floor at the Place de la République. They called on young people to continue the mobilization and to be there on March 15, the date of the next day of inter-union demonstration.

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Also in the provinces

Demonstrations took place in several large provincial cities also such as Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes or Rouen. Twenty establishments have also been partially or totally blocked, according to the student union L’Alternative, including the universities of Montpellier, Besançon, Le Havre, Nanterre, Rouen or Grenoble, the institutes of political studies of Bordeaux and Strasbourg or the one of the two campuses of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Lyon.

In Strasbourg, the university reported three blocked university buildings. In Lille, for the second consecutive day, the Moulins campus of the university was blocked, according to the faculty. On the high school side, the Ministry of Education reported Thursday morning that 15 schools were blocked and seven partially, and the La Voix lycéenne union reported 200 high schools blocked.

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