After WWDC23, Apple made another hike to its products in Turkey.

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tech giant apple, It made another serious increase in its products in Turkey. The company opened the Apple Store at high prices after WWDC23. opened.

apple, he recently had a raise, but apparently that wasn’t enough. Because the Apple Store, which was opened after WWDC23, brought with it new price hikes, or more accurately, the exchange rate update. Within the scope of the hikes made specifically for Turkey with the effect of the increasing dollar exchange rate iPhone 14 Plus The starting price increased from 39,999 TL to 41,999 TL. iPhone 14 Pro starting price increased from 45.999 TL to 48.999 TL, iPhone 14 Pro Max‘s starting price has increased from 49.999 TL to 52.999 TL. Now iPhone 14 At least 35.999 TL should be given, not 37.999 TL. iPhone 13 The starting price for the model increases from 29,999 TL to 31,999 TL, while the 13 Mini model is 28,499 TL. iPhone 12 Now it can be bought for 28,499 TL instead of 26.999 TL. 3rd generation iPhone SE on the other hand, it goes from 18,499 TL to 19,499 TL. The most expensive iPhone model in Turkey after today’s hike iPhone 14 Pro Maxnow full with 1TB storage at the top 67,999 TLIt’s sold to.


apple signed monitor models could not escape the raise. Now 27-inch 5K Studio Display For this, it is necessary to give exactly 48,069 TL, not 45,799 TL. 32 inch 6K Pro Display XDR on the other hand, it has reached 112,809 TL from 107,439 TL. From the raises of course Match computers couldn’t escape either. 24 inch with M1 iMac It starts from 36.999 TL, not 34.999 TL anymore. For Mac Mini, it is necessary to give 16,799 TL. Significant increases in other products Apple Türkiye, As we have said before, it is among the companies that foresee an increase in the dollar / euro exchange rate in Turkey. In this context, other companies are also making increases or are preparing to do so.