After the swine fever alarm: Several dead wild boars found in Sweden

The first confirmed case of African swine fever in Sweden was found in Fagersta on Wednesday. On Friday, SVA became aware of another dead wild boar, this time outside Katrineholm in Sörmland. It has not yet been confirmed that the wild boar in question was infected with swine fever.

During Saturday, roughly twenty hunters search the forest area in Fagersta for more sick or dead wild boars.

– We have made finds in the forests today, yes. We have dead pigs lying in the forest. The sampling is on its way to SVA, says Karin Olofsson-Sannö at the State Veterinary Medical Institute to SVT.

The sampling takes a day or two, according to Karin Olofsson-Sannö. Positive answers must also be rerun an extra time.

Searched by large areas

– It’s going well, there have been good conditions in terms of weather. They are looking for dead animals so the smell helps. We have had a good review and searched large areas in the immediate area.

Karin Olofsson-Sannö says that they do not have an overall picture of the situation at the moment, but that they are working on the basis that everything that is found is infected with African swine fever.

– We probably can’t expect too many answers until Monday. Right now we just want to know where the carcasses are.

SVA will hold a press conference on Saturday at 5:30 p.m