After the storm – now the heat thunders in: “It can be up to 23 degrees”

The April weather has kept a tight grip on our elongated country. With snow, rain and freezing temperatures, the warmth and the thinner jackets have been far gone. But now it’s turning around. Already from tomorrow it will be warmer. – The warm air, with locally up to 20 degrees, moves in over southern Sweden during Sunday. The heat looks like it will culminate sometime during Wednesday or Thursday, then in southern Sweden in some places it can be up to 22-23 degrees, says TV4’s meteorologist Linda Eriksson. This will be the Walborg weather But the sun will not shine from a clear blue sky all the time. Both clouds and showers also occur in the spring heat. – At first it will be warm in Götaland, where on Sunday it can be up to 20 degrees in some places. But there are big contrasts at short distances. In front of the warm air, a rain area moves north over Svealand and in connection with rain it will be 7-8 plus degrees. And in the north it is only an occasional plus degree in the middle of the day. When the rain reaches Norrland, it partly turns into snowfall, says Linda Eriksson. How will it be during Valborg? – The heat gradually spreads northwards across the country and on the eve of Walborg fair and May 1, 10-15 degrees are expected in southern Norrland and 5-10 plus degrees in northern Norrland. In southern Sweden, the temperature seems to generally end up between 14 and 18 degrees. On Wednesday, May 1, it will probably be over 20 degrees in several places in Götaland. Linda Eriksson believes that the forecast is a little uncertain until the end of next week. – As it looks now, it’s slightly colder air coming in over the country then, she says.