After the lawsuit – Arla stops climate compensation

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The company was met with great criticism after its “Net zero climate footprint” campaign. The criticism led, among other things, to the Swedish Consumer Agency choosing to sue Arla for misleading marketing, and the trial will begin on Tuesday, reports Ekot.

Stops climate compensation

Now Arla chooses to stop climate compensation completely. A decision that was met with criticism from, among others, the Nature Conservation Association, which believes that it signals that climate compensation has been done for the wrong reason.

– I think you shoot yourself in the foot when you get this over-enthusiastic and start giving the impression that you have solved problems that you actually haven’t. The climate impact is still in the production, says David Kihlberg, climate manager at the Nature Protection Association.

Became “Scam of the Year”

In January, the allegedly climate-neutral milk was awarded the less flattering award “Scam of the Year”. Behind the appointment was the consumer organization Äkta vara, which considered it impossible to make milk production completely climate neutral.

“Very sad”, Arla commented on the criticism at the time.