After the Europeans, what are the next deadlines for European leaders?

After the Europeans what are the next deadlines for European

At the end of the European elections held from June 6 to 9, the EPP, the European People’s Party, retained its first place in the European Parliament with an extreme right in ambush. The time has now come for negotiations between the different political families, but not only that… Numerous deadlines already await European leaders.

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Even before the new legislature begins, these deadlines could be decided at the next European summit, which will be held on June 27 and 28.

The European Parliament has taken a sharp right turn with the victory of the EPP, the European People’s Party, and especially the rise in power of far-right groups. An evolution of the balance within the hemicycle which could well be reflected in the future composition of the European Commission.

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If Ursula von der Leyen remains the favorite to secure a second term at the head of the Commission, she who comes from the EPP, the European leaders who meet in Brussels on June 27 and 28 will not be able to turn a deaf ear to the warnings launched by the voters. It is therefore a balancing act that awaits them. Ursula von der Leyen says she wants to benefit from a coalition between the EPP, the Social Democrats of S&D and the liberals of Renew, but certain leaders could well try to oppose it.

What is certain is that the composition of the future Commission will be decided at this summit. Which does not mean, however, that it will be the one chosen by the newly elected deputies, since they are the ones who will have the last word during a vote. A vote which could take place at the start of the school year, after the first parliamentary session scheduled for the week of July 16.

Other positions are also to be filled, notably that of the President of the European Council as well as the Presidency of the Parliament of Strasbourg.

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