after the dissolution, time for explanations

after the dissolution time for explanations

After his shock speech on Sunday evening, announcing the dissolution of the Assembly and legislative news, Emmanuel Macron will speak again this Tuesday afternoon, during a press conference.

A speech lasting a few minutes was enough to cause a huge earthquake in the political world. After the defeat of the majority during the European elections on Sunday, Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly, causing new legislative elections on June 30 and July 7. According to the Head of State, “the rise of nationalism is a danger for our nation, for our Europe, for France’s place in Europe and the world.” “The extreme right is the impoverishment of the French and the downgrading of our country,” assured the President of the Republic, after seeing the National Rally win the European vote with more than 30% of the votes, or twice as much as his candidate Valérie Hayer.

“I heard your message, your concerns. I will not leave them unanswered,” Emmanuel Macron simply explained, when announcing the dissolution, assuring that he had “confidence in our democracy”. “Let the sovereign people have their say, there is nothing more republican,” he added, taking the risk of seeing the RN impose itself again in the early legislative elections, barely a month after its triumph in the Europeans.

What will Emmanuel Macron say during his press conference?

Emmanuel Macron will perhaps say more about his choice and his ambition this Tuesday afternoon, during the press conference announced “outside the Elysée”. According to an interlocutor cited by Le Figaro, he should in fact “explain his choice”, but also outline “first avenues for recomposition” and even give some “major programmatic orientations”. A handful of reform ideas are expected to be launched, which will be the basis of the outgoing majority’s campaign in the coming weeks.

The Elysée has not yet communicated the time or location of the press conference. This Monday, Emmanuel Macron was in Oradour-sur-Glane, where he spoke as part of the commemorations of the massacre which took place 80 years ago in the village. “History never begins again, whether it is chosen, whether it is sometimes suffered. It is in this memory, in the ashes of Oradour that we must revive the strength of this reconciliation, the lifeblood of our project European and our still very present desire for freedom, equality and fraternity”, he said.