after the coronation with great pomp of Charles III, time for popular festivities

after the coronation with great pomp of Charles III time

Charles III was crowned, with great fanfare, along with now Queen Camilla, in Westminster Abbey on Saturday May 6. It was the Archbishop of Canterbury who placed the solid gold crown set with diamonds of Saint Edward on the head of the new king. This May 7, the atmosphere will be more festive than solemn. Before a big concert tonight, the day will first be marked by so-called “neighbourhood” lunches, the famous “Big Lunch”.

With our special correspondent in the United Kingdom, Daniel Vallot

This Sunday, May 7, it’s the famous “Big Lunch”, the big lunch that will take place in cities, neighborhoods, villages throughout the kingdom, another tradition of these great royal events. Weather permitting, tables are set up outside, and everyone brings something to eat and drink; British flags and pennants are obviously part of the decor.

And we will finally see if the famous “Coronation quiche” whose recipe was recommended by Buckingham Palace has won over the British after having caused a lot of ink to flow in recent weeks. The “Royals” will also be part of the party since several members of the royal family will make appearances during these lunches. After the splendor and splendor of the ceremony, this “Big Lunch” is really the popular and convivial side of these coronation celebrations.

A concert without a British headliner

And then another big event this May 7: the concert organized at Windsor Castle. A total of 20,000 people will attend and the concert will be broadcast live on television. Small disappointment for the new king, no great British headliner has agreed to perform there. It will be necessary to be satisfied with two American artists: Lionel Richie and Kate Perry.

Is this a sign of the decline of the British monarchy? In any case, it is a long time ago when it attracted “heavyweights” from the national scene, such as the group Queen, or the singer Elton John, to its events. Charles will be able to console himself however with the appearance of the group Take That but without its star singer Robbie Williams, and the mascot of Winnie the Pooh.

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