After the big protests – Netanyahu postpones the reform

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to postpone the reform. This is stated by a coalition party in a statement. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is postponing the much-talked-about legal reform, a coalition party told Reuters. The coalition partner Itamar Ben-Gvir (leader of the far-right government party Otzma Yehudit) is said to have released his veto against the government pausing the law change that has meant large protests in the country for a long time, according to The Guardian. The newspaper also writes that Itamar Ben-Gvir (who is also the minister of internal security) should have received promises of a civilian “national guard” from Benjamin Netanyahu. Discussions about the legal reform, which would, among other things, give the government more power to intervene in decisions from the Supreme Court, are to be taken up again in the spring. The Prime Minister himself has not yet commented on possibly postponing the reform. See Rolf Porseryd’s comment on the protests in the country: “The most difficult domestic political crisis since the nation was formed”.