After serious allegations he withdrew, but Gibbs is “not retired”

After serious allegations he withdrew but Gibbs is not retired

Mark Harmon starred in NCIS The main role of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs for 19 years. As the leader of the team of agents, he was essential to fans and his exit in season 19 shocked NCIS audiences. But how did his exit come about in 2021? We give you the ultimate explanation for the exit.

You will find out in this article:

  • The official reason Mark Harmon left NCIS
  • The argument between him and Pauley Perrette shortly before he left
  • How the series explains his character Gibbs’ exit
  • Whether a return of Mark Harmon in NCIS is possible
  • Why Mark Harmon left NCIS: There is an official reason and an unofficial reason

    Mark Harmon’s exit was sudden for some fans, as it didn’t happen at the end of the season, but in the middle of season 19. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Harmon had a deal with CBS to make a minor return for Season 19. After appearing in front of the camera on NCIS for almost two decades and being one of the highest-paid series actors ever, he is now resting on his producer position. He has held this position since the 6th season.

    As official reason Harmon stated his age for leaving and that he wanted to keep his career fresh. This is reported by the entertainment site We Got This Covered, among others, and Harmon talked about it in a special on the DVD for the 19th season. There is no more information.

    The fact that he did not further explain the official reason led to speculation. Because it is still there another, unofficial reason on hand: Abby Sciuto actress Pauley Perrette made serious allegations against Mark Harmon after she left the series because of him just a year earlier.


    Abby Sciuto and Jethro Gibbs in NCIS

    This is what happened between Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette: In 2016, Mark Harmon’s dog bit an NCIS crew member, who then required 16 stitches. After the incident, the film crew felt uncomfortable as he brought his dog to the set again. Perrette confronted him about the team’s health, which Harmon didn’t let stand. The dispute escalated to the point where Perrette left NCIS in 2018. The broadcaster CBS kept quiet about the dispute for years.

    She was afraid of Harmon and would never return to the set of NCIS. Harmon never addressed the dispute in public, but according to insider reports, he would have demanded more support from the broadcaster: “Keep Pauley Perrette in check or I will sue her!”

    This is how NCIS explains Gibbs’ exit from the series

    Harmon says goodbye to NCIS in the 4th episode of the 19th season. In Germany the episode ran under the title Naktok Bay or Call of the Wild. The original name is Great Wide Open. In it, Gibbs and Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) fly to Alaska to prevent the construction of a copper mine.

    Gibbs finally manages to catch the murderous construction manager. But he doesn’t get on the plane with McGee heading home decides to stay in Alaska. The reason he gives is that he has found inner peace for the first time since the death of his first wife and daughter. The two were shot after witnessing a murder.


    Mark Harmon as Gibbs in NCIS

    Gibbs had already taken revenge on his family’s murderer many years ago by shooting him with a sniper rifle in Mexico. But it was only now that he found peace in Alaska.

    American actor Gary Cole (One Hour Photo, The Good Fight) succeeded Mark Harmon on NCIS. Cole plays Special Agent Alden Parker, who takes charge of the team of agents. His character previously worked for the FBI in the series.

    A return of Mark Harmon in NCIS is possible: He is “not retired”

    In fact, Harmon himself has suggested that Gibbs could appear again in the series at some point. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harmon personally stated that Gibbs isn’t fully retired:

    I’m not retired …as far as I know, the character lives in Alaska.

    If Gibbs returns, he will, though not in the near future happen. It has already been confirmed that he will not be there for season 21. The season is scheduled to appear in the USA in autumn 2023, but due to the Hollywood strike, the start is on shaky ground.

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