After over 40 years it’s finally available on Blu-ray

After over 40 years its finally available on Blu ray

Financially, Prince of the City by master director Sidney Lumet (Dog Days, Deadly Decision) was not a success. At a Budget of $8.6 million It only grossed 8.1 million, but the critics were enthusiastic.

The film received one on Rotten Tomatoes Rating of 92 percent and at Film Noir a consistently positive review said: “The fact that Lumet manages to maintain the dynamic and tension given the scope of his film is remarkable.”

After 43 years, Prince of the City is finally available on Blu-ray* in optimized picture quality. Amazon also offers the film for purchase as a stream*. The 40 minutes of bonus material is on an extra DVD and contains the documentary Prince of the City – The True Story Interview with Sidney Lumettrailer, picture gallery and a booklet by Stefan Jung.

That’s what the police thriller Prince of the City is about

For police officer Daniel Ciello (Treat Williams) there is nothing more important than his colleagues. “I sleep with my wife, but I live with my partners. “I would never let them down,” Danny admits openly, but soon he has to go against his colleagues from the narcotics department. Together with the public prosecutor and a special commission, he is supposed to investigate police crime and the combat pervasive corruption. In the role of traitor, he is now threatened from all sides.

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Prince of the City on Blu-ray

This is the true story of Prince of the City

The script, that too Oscar nomination received was adapted from the novel of the same name. Robert Daley’s bestseller tells the true story of police officer Robert Leuci. He followed suit own misconduct took on the solitary role of ethicist and went against his colleagues, according to a New York Times article.

Some of the detectives in the Narcotics Division’s Special Investigating Unit were some of the best cops in the city. They led in part big and famous arrests through, but also played by their own rules and did not shy away from corruption. The well-dressed investigators distinguished themselves from other police officers with their Style and flairso much so that a judge once referred to them as ‘the Princes of the city’.

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