After Netflix, Disney+ also prohibits password sharing: This is the new rule that everyone has to adhere to

After Netflix Disney also prohibits password sharing This is the

The brave new world of streaming no longer exists, especially when it comes to password sharing. A few months ago it was still easy to get a Netflix account with friends and family to share across local boundarieswe have had to adhere to strict streaming rules since last year.

Netflix has updated its subscription models and taken some precautions against so-called password sharing. As Variety reports, Disney+ is now getting serious. In the future it is expressly forbiddento share log-in details with people who do not have the same primary residence as you.

Disney+ presents its measures against password sharing: This is what you have to be prepared for

US users of the streaming service were recently informed that a new user agreement will come into force on March 14, 2024. Starting in summer The sharing of passwords should be actively prevented. The timing for Germany is unclear. However, it can be assumed that the changes will soon affect us.

The Disney+ terms of use were already adjusted in Germany on September 22, 2023. Currently it says:

Unless otherwise permitted by your subscription options, you may use your Disney+ account do not share with anyone outside your household.

A consequence is also formulated:

If we detect unauthorized account sharing, we may take appropriate technical measures to prevent it Prevent use of the Disney+ account outside of your household (unless permitted by your subscription options).You can currently choose between three Disney+ subscriptions: Password sharing will soon be possible at an additional cost

If you want to continue sharing your Disney+ account with people who don’t live in the same household, you’ll have to be patient. According to Variety, a feature will be introduced towards the end of 2024 that will allow you for an additional charge You can make your account accessible to people in other locations.

All current Disney+ subscription models at a glance:

  • Standard subscription with advertising: The standard subscription costs 5.99 euros per month. You can stream all content on two devices at the same time, but you have to accept advertising. Best video quality: 1080p Full HD. Best audio quality: 5.1.
  • Standard subscription without advertising: For 8.99 euros per month (or 89.90 euros per year) the advertising is eliminated. Downloads to up to 10 devices are also possible. Otherwise, the subscription is unchanged from the previous version.
  • Premium subscription: The most expensive subscription costs 11.99 per month (or 119.90 euros per year) and offers streaming content with video quality up to 4K UHD and HDR and audio quality up to Dolby Atmos. In addition: Simultaneous streaming on four devices and downloads on up to 10 devices.
  • Here you can take out one of the three subscriptions to Disney+ *

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    The sharing ban is no coincidence. Disney+ has 1.4 million subscribers lost in the last quarter of 2023, as Variety writes. Actively preventing password sharing can be interpreted as a countermeasure. If you want to immerse yourself in the worlds of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Co. from now on, you need your own subscription (or live with someone in the same household who has one).

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