After months, the historic “Netflix strike” ends with a billion-dollar deal and the first details are known

After months the historic Netflix strike ends with a billion dollar

The double strike in Hollywood is about to end. Now the actors’ union (SAG-AFTRA) has also reached an agreement with the studios and streamers. Last night it was announced: There’s a deal!

This is what is known about the billion-dollar deal that ends the strike

In July, the actors stopped work to advocate for fairer pay, adjusted streaming royalties and regulation of the use of artificial intelligence. Last night, according to the Hollywood Reporter, a tentative agreement was reached between SAG and AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers), which will be presented to the union’s relevant committees on Friday.

According to the SAG The deal is worth “over a billion dollars”. and concerns health and pension insurance, protection of extras and the use of AI. Among other things, there is talk of the largest increase in minimum wages in 40 years. Further details are expected in the next few days.

Now a flood of casting reports is likely to follow

This ends the largest Hollywood strike since the 1960s. For months, the double strike by the authors and actors and the lack of willingness of the studios paralyzed filmmaking. Script development came to a standstill, filming was stopped, and actors were not even allowed to take part in talk shows or interviews. Several major blockbusters, including Dune: Part Two, were subsequently postponed.

In September, an agreement was reached between the WGA and AMPTP, ending the writers’ strike that had been going on since May. With agreements between actors and studios, Hollywood operations should soon return to normal. This means that casting deals can be concluded and filming, for example for Deadpool 3 or Fast & Furious 11, can resume.