After just two days, the robots in Helldivers 2 are back – with an even bigger army and a goal

In Helldivers 2, the robots are back with an even larger force and are now attacking a specific planet.

What are the robots back from? Of the supposed extinction. Last weekend, the Helldivers fought to wipe out the robots in “Operation Rapid Destruction.” This order was successfully carried out by the Over-Earth forces on April 7th and the robots briefly appeared to be completely wiped out.

What’s happening in Helldivers 2? Just one day after the supposed release, the robots are back with an invasion fleet – and stronger than before. While the previous army was only a vanguard, the current attack is the “real force of robots” at work.

To defend against the new, huge army of robots, there is a new general order for all Helldivers:

  • You have to successfully defend at least 5 planets and have three days to do so. As usual, you will receive 45 medals as a reward.
  • The 5 planets you have to defend are in the Hydra and Lacaille sectors: Menkent, Lesath, Penta, Chort Bay and Choohe. There is also a new mission type called “Evacuation of Important Goods”, in which you have to defend a position for 20 minutes while goods are evacuated.

    Just in time for the robots’ renewed attack, the new war bond “Democratic Detonation” will be released on April 11th. Here you can see the trailer:

    Helldivers 2 – Warbond: Democratic Detonation Trailer

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    Do the robots have their sights set on a specific planet?

    What is the goal of the robots? The new Automaton army attacked the Valdis sector and quickly overran Cyberstan and the surrounding planets.

    Cyberstan was known as the home planet of the cyborgs in Helldivers 1. The Cyborgs were a hostile faction consisting of former humans who waged a rebellion against the Over-Earth and were obsessed with cybernetic augmentation of their bodies.

    In Helldivers 1, the cyborgs also had various fighters in their ranks who were reminiscent of the robots:

  • The Immolator was armored and equipped with a flamethrower
  • the Berserker had heavy armor and saw blades as a melee weapon
  • Hulks are also heavily armored, are dropped from dropships, and have a Gatling gun
  • Back in February, a Helldivers 2 player put forward the theory that the cyborgs created the robots and were their “masters”. The player assumed that the robots wanted to ally with their masters on Cyberstan and go to war together against Over-Earth.