After delays and changes – now the lock construction in Södertälje is to be resumed

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The government’s billion-dollar lock construction project in Södertälje has been marred by several delays and problems. It has been called the biggest infrastructure project in shipping since the Göta Canal. The aim is for heavier sea traffic to be able to go through the canal and the lock in Södertälje to ports in Mälaren, for example Västerås or Köping.

Project and contractor change

The previous contractor Züblin encountered major geotechnical problems, the project was delayed and finally the Swedish Maritime Administration canceled the contract with Züblin. Construction then stopped and later the Swedish Transport Administration was deemed to have more competence for such a large project and took over the project from the Swedish Maritime Administration. And now a new contractor, Peab, is in place to complete the project with a new solution.

Will you be ready in time?

– Our forecast is that we will keep to the schedule and be ready in 2025-2026, says Tobias Kednert.