After 19 years of WoW, players feel treated unfairly because Blizzard fired everyone with reason

Conflicts always arise in MMORPGs. A player in WoW is now venting his frustration because he feels he has been treated unfairly after 19 years and that this only happened because Blizzard fired all game masters in World of Warcraft in the last wave of layoffs.

What is the player proud of?

  • On reddit, a player says he is autistic, has Asperger’s and takes extreme care to be as nice as possible in every video game he plays and to behave correctly towards everyone.
  • He has been playing WoW since 2005 and it is his favorite game in the world. He never had any trouble in any game ever, not even a warning. You can see how important their clean slate is to the user.
  • But it has now been stained and he finds that outrageous.
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    Raid leader called healer “retarded” – The proud player didn’t tolerate that

    Why did he get in trouble? The player says he was in a raid for Heroic Fyrakk and helped out a guild there.

    The second healer messed up the boss fight several times and was made a fool of and insulted by the raid and guild leader in front of the entire team. His own guild leader even called the second healer “retarded” – a taboo word in English.

    Our healer felt personally attacked by this, refused to press “Ready” on the next pull, called the raid leader an asshole and asked the second healer to leave and not let anything like that happen.

    Guild leader misuses automated system to issue a warning

    This was the consequence: Suddenly a pop-up appeared with our healer saying that he had been warned by Blizzard for “bad behavior” and that something like that could lead to a ban.

    As the healer later learned, the raid leader had asked all members to report to the healer because “it was funny.”

    All good game masters replaced by terrible system

    That’s what the player says: He’s furious on reddit about the warning, this stain on his clean slate. He wrote a ticket himself and also spoke to a support employee, who explained to him that he was rightly warned because he called the raid leader an asshole.

    In retrospect, the hero of our story feels a little sorry for that – just a little bit. But that’s still not fair.

    He is very disappointed with the current state of the situation and says: Blizzard should sort out their game. In all his 19 years as a player, this has never happened to him and he has met many toxic players.

    With the new system, the toxicity got completely out of control. In the past, during the Cataclysm era, something like this never happened. But Blizzard decided to fire all the good game masters and replace them with a terrible automated system just to save money.

    How is this commented? With a lot of sympathy. You obviously immediately understand the players and confirm that they are a “good guy” with integrity who has clearly suffered an injustice here. The raid members who reported him are also seen as assholes. Someone like that should be banned.

    The player is then recommended to contact one of the figureheads at Blizzard directly who they trust can clarify the situation.

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